Research Interests

Information Aggregation in Financial Markets, Corporate Finance


The Source of Information and Investment-Price Sensitivity

(with Alex Edmans and Sudarshan Jayaraman), Journal of Financial Economics 126(1), 74-96, October 2017

Working Papers

A Theory of Financial Media

(with Eitan Goldman and Jordan Martel), October 2019

Optimal Disclosure to a Confirmation-Biased Market

(with Jordan Martel), March 2019

Shock Propagation through Cross-Learning in Opaque Networks

December 2018.

Optimal Disclosure and Fight for Attention

February 2019

Work in Progress

Learning and Efficiency with Market Feedback

(with Itay Goldstein and Liyan Yang)

Option Listing, Limited Attention, and Peer Firm Value

(with Ankit Kalda)